Announcement :

A Gift Company Limited is a set of planning, design, development, sales, service as one of professional cultural gift company. Out of love for the Chinese traditional culture and historical culture, the spirit of "inheriting the traditional culture, to spread the gift culture" business purposes, the company vigorously carry forward the fine tradition of "ritual" instrument of the state, passing Chinese rhyme, to the country and more charming, the Xiaoxiang Fairview, deeply rooted in culture, Jing Yu gift wonderful, "Li artists and" was established as the core values of the enterprise. The company has advanced technology and equipment as the premise, relying on high-quality personnel, reliable service, and to communicate with customers as a bridge, the acceptance of new ideas, has won the customer's reputation, to establish a stable and cooperative relationship with many enterprises, and mobile Unicom telecom power large enterprises form the supply of long-term cooperation, has made a blow to market performance, many products are well-known brands at home and abroad for its promotional gifts, won the customer's reputation, and gradually establish a reliable quality, functional and practical, novel style, low price of the Jia Yue Li industry brand image. At present, there are ten gift series, one thousand kinds of varieties, on behalf of the characteristics and the trend in today's gift. Jia Yue annual sales of 200 to 4000000 sets of products, products are exported to Beijing, Shanxi, Heb...